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Janis Gioia is the creator and lead writer for Comforting Anxious Children, a website designed to help children with anxiety, autism spectrum, mental health challenges and special needs. Well-written articles on evidence-based and holistic strategies promote Peace for Children, Mind, Body and Spirit. Click here to visit

The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan
The Ben Franklin Award Winning Book for Education

The most important things a teacher can teach are not measured on a test or recorded on a report card:

  • Kindness to yourself and others
  • Teamwork
  • Cooperation

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Peaceful Fruits

Peaceful Fruits

I wrote a series of articles for the Peaceful Fruits website profiling several of their employees with disabilities and mental health challenges.  This series showcased these talented employees, increased their self-esteem and dignity while emphasizing Peaceful Fruits’ mission, as an eco-sustainable enterprise, of hiring people with disabilities to work full wage jobs. Read More

Canines for Disabled Kids

Canines for Disabled Kids

I write Success Stories for Canines for Disabled Kids to use in their online and written marketing campaigns, and for their fundraising efforts. Click here for an example.

Janis Gioia

I write Success Stories and other articles on the Service Dogs, Inc. website.

Lean on Me

For most of Terrie Heemsbergen’s life, she has been the one people have leaned on. In her years as a nurse in oncology and hospice, and now as a nurse educator, Terrie has held a lot of hands, helping individuals and families through a debilitating illness, a long and difficult treatment, or a final goodbye… Read More

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Down's Designs Dreams

I write Success Stories on the Down’s Designs Dreams website.

Fashion and Functionality

Pamela Spadino, 50, and her son Chase, 15, of Highland Park, Illinois, love to rock out to music and listen to live bands. Their taste is classic rock…a little U2, Pearl Jam, with some indie bands mixed in. (Chase is also a huge fan of Mario Kart and Legend of Zelda tunes, from the Nintendo gaming series.) Music often inspires fashion that’s edgy, hip, and cool... Read More

Visit the Success Stories section of the Down's Designs Dreams website to see all of my posts: Down's Designs Dreams

Janis Gioia

The following article was posted on the website, Positively Parenting

Easing Into Back to School:

Helping Children Who Don’t Like Change

For parents of children with autism spectrum disorders, including Asperger’s syndrome, Emotional and Behavioral Disorder, Anxiety or Adjustment disorders, Depression or low frustration tolerance, back to school routines can be challenging.

Traditional back-to school transition advice usually includes things like having supplies organized and a quiet, well-lit place to study free of distractions. This is works for most children. But children with special needs react to the changes in the new school year differently, and may well come home from school and throw a tantrum before their backpack is even unloaded...Read More

Janis Gioia

The following article was posted on the website, Positively Parenting

Happier Holidays for Children with Special Needs

Children with Asperger’s, Autism, Anxiety Disorder, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders And Sensory Integration Dysfunction

For children with Asperger’s, Autism, Anxiety Disorders and Sensory Integration Dysfunction, the holiday season is pretty much like an extended version of the birthday party in The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday. In this children’s book, by Stan and Jan Berenstain, Sister Bear becomes overwhelmed with everything about her birthday.

The holiday festivities that other children take in stride can be stressful for children with special needs...Read More

Janis Gioia

The following article was posted on the website, Positively Parenting

10 Things You Can Do During the Summer

Help Anxious Kids Prepare for Going Back to School in the Fall

Summer has just started and most children are busy running through sprinklers, catching fireflies and floating around the community pool. Most won’t give going back to school a second thought until the bus rolls around the corner that first day of school in August. But for some children, including but not limited to those with anxiety or adjustment disorders and/or school phobia, anxiety builds all summer and pretty much steals their joy.

As a teacher who has worked with numerous children with school-related anxiety,and the mother of children who struggled with anxiety disorder, I know....Read More


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