Janis Gioia is a joy to work with! As a professional, she's always pleasant and positive; and as a writer? Lauren Tharp, Head Editor of 133TBeyond exceptional. Her skills are unmatched in her field of expertise and she will always be my FIRST choice for any articles having to do with children, disabilities, nonprofits, or special education.

~ Lauren Tharp, Head Editor of 133T

What a writer! Janis Gioia tells our story better than I do!

As the founder of Service Dogs, Inc., a 28-year old nonprofit, I was happily astounded to see Janis bringing our story to life in a much more compelling, evocative, soul-touching way than I ever did – and I’m a very good writer myself. Seeing the work we do illuminated by Janis made me fall in love with it all over again.

Her pieces are not only elegant to read, they include detailed research that contributes to her expressive narrative. People are reacting by donating, which we very much welcome.

I plan to use her stories when I seek contributions from foundations, VIPs and the business sector.

Service Dogs, Inc.

Janis shines a fresh, dynamic light on our accomplishments. I feel quite fortunate that she shared her immense talents with us.

~ Sheri Soltes, J.D., Founder and President Service Dogs, Inc.

Jan’s article on the healing potential of outdoor play and TimberNook's unique perspective helped us reach new audiences from around the world.

~ Angela J Hanscom, OTR/L
Pediatric Occupational Therapist,
Founder of Timbernook, “the Ultimate Sensory Experience”

Peaceful Fruits

Janis Gioia writes from the heart. With a background in special education, she has the unique ability to interview our employees with disabilities and write their Success Stories, making them feel like rock stars in the process. Our mission at Peaceful Fruits is about economic empowerment for people from the farmers in the Amazon to the workers with disabilities we hire in Akron, Ohio. Jan’s content writing and passion for writing Success Stories evocatively brings our message to life.

~ Evan Delahanty, Founder and CEO of Peaceful Fruits
Canines for Disabled Kids

As the Executive Director of Canines for Disabled Kids, I am happy to say that Jan Gioia did an amazing job writing Success Stories for our organization. Her emotional and inspirational storytelling brought our clients and dogs to life and will help us with online and print marketing and when we seek donations and grants. I look forward to utilizing her writing services again.

~ Kristin Hartness
Executive Director, Canines for Disabled Kids

Jan is a tremendous writer who brings the story of Downs Designs Dreams and the stories of those with Down syndrome and other disabilities to life in a creative and compelling manner.

Through Jan’s beautiful and expressive words, she shows the results of our work in ways that we never could. We plan to use Jan’s Success Stories to help us secure donations from individuals, foundations and the corporate sector.

As she interviews each subject, her kind, gentle spirit and her connection to those individuals with disabilities helps the subject feel comfortable and open to speak. She creates beautiful, heartwarming stories from these individuals. We love her work and can’t wait for the next story.

Downs Design Dreams

Jan’s writing shines a light on the wonderful people we are so proud to serve, and lets everyone know that our jeans are literally transforming people’s lives by giving them quality, stylish clothing that encourages independence and self-confidence.

~ Karen Bowersox, Executive Director, Downs Designs Dreams

Janis is a thoughtful and skilled writer. She takes on a myriad of topics and naturally possesses the most sought after ability a writer can have: to engage the reader. She thoroughly researches every subject and becomes an authority on it. Janis does not take her writing lightly and puts her all in every article. She is driven, dependable, and delivers on time. Janis is a committed and concise writer, and goes out of her way to make sure her writing is crystal clear but also relatable. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any publication, website, or company.

~ Danielle Sullivan, Writer and Editor
Disney's Babble.com

"Jan has a natural flair and creativity to her writing no matter the subject matter. Even for more clinical based reports, Jan was able to incorporate elements that provided for a smooth, clear and instructive read. I highly recommend Jan for any type of writing assignment. She has written articles for parents of children with special needs especially in the area of Asperger’s Syndrome for parenting websites. Additionally, she is the author of The Wolf Pack Classroom Management Plan, which won the Ben Franklin Award for the best education book of 2010."

~ Debra Janas, Ph.D., Professor, Baldwin Wallace University

"Jan’s writing was so clear, creative, and concise. Jan’s strong written communication skills helped her to excel at (research papers) but never at a loss for style or content. I was impressed by the standards she sets for herself. Jan is all about quality, hard work, and commitment. I could not wait for her to submit her next assignment, because there was always passion, empathy, insight, and a personal touch that drew me in to whatever topic she was addressing. It did not surprise me to learn that she is an accomplished writer. I assure you that she can reach an audience and make connections that are thought-provoking, significant, and relevant.

~ Dave Vale, Adjunct Professor Baldwin Wallace University School of Education"

“We were having trouble with my son’s school not understanding his disability, and not providing the accommodations agreed upon in his IEP. I didn’t want to have a legal battle. I was working with Jan as my advocate. Jan wrote emails to the school staff and my son’s teachers. The emails were filled with such warmth and empathy…like she really understood what my son was going through. She made the teachers and the principals feel what my son experiences every day. Suddenly a lightbulb clicked…they got it! And they were more than willing to accommodate him. My husband and I attribute that mostly to Jan’s ability to write about his disability that made people understand it and more willing to help."

~ S.R., Cleveland Ohio

“My son has Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS. His psychologist recommended we use bilbliotherapy to help with his moods and outbursts. None of the books we could find matched his needs. Fortunately his doctor recommended we contact Jan. Jan was amazing. She wrote stories tailored to his behavior issues that incorporated his interests. With Jan’s background in special education she knew just what to write to help him manage his behavior in a way that was respectful to him. He really liked reading the stories and still does."

~ T. W. Conneaut, Ohio

“Our daughter has Rett Syndrome and severe anxiety disorder and was struggling to stay in her first grade classroom for even part of the day. Jan had been our special education advocate in helping us get our daughter’s needs met in the school. Jan suggested we try Bibliotherapy, and she wrote this book, “Hannah Adjusts to School” for our daughter. We used photos of her school and classroom as well as illustrations Hannah happily drew. This book, her 504 plan, and cognitive behavioral therapy, enabled Hannah to stay in school for longer and longer periods of time, until one day she stayed for the whole day, and every day after that! We had Jan write several more bibliotherapy stories for Hannah which we had made into books. We read them every night and she is making progress with anxiety and nighttime fears.”

~ A. O. Medina, Ohio
Janis Gioia

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